Selected Poems

Best American Poetry 2006, “Letter from My Ancestors”

Creative Writer’s Handbook, 5th Edition, “Letter from My Ancestors”

Cultural Weekly, “The Letter V,” “Would It Be So Wrong,” “Vade Mecum,” and “Composing a Sample Poem for Third Graders, Who Are Generally Encouraged to Write Cheerful Things, I Choose My Estranged Brother and the Color Gray,” July 9, 2014

Kokanee Literary Journal, “Snow Child”

New Millennium Writings, “Once It Was Otherwise”

Pacific Coast Philology, “Portrait on the Lost Coast” and “Sorry For All the Times”

Pomona Valley Review, “After Another Two Years”

Rattle, “Patio Tomatoes

The Writer’s Almanac, July 25, 2013 “The Day I Die

The Writer’s Almanac, November 12, 2013 “Gifted and Talented

The Writer’s Almanac, November 13, 2013 “Morning

The Writer’s Almanac, December 1, 2013 “Would It Be So Wrong

West Trestle Review, “Sorry For All the Times”

"Overheard at the 105th Annual Meeting of the AAA," Anthropology News, January 2009 (download below)

Selected Essays

Carbon Culture Review, “At Age Seventy-One, My Father Gets an iPad”

Tahoe Blues, “You Don’t Seem Like You’re from Tahoe”

The Sun, “Perfection"


Interview of Flor Edwards, “Apocalypse Child”: A Journey Out of a Cult," Los Angeles Review of Books, July 12, 2018

Interview of Gayle Brandeis, “Mental Health, Art, and Advocacy: Talking with Gayle Brandeis,” Los Angeles Review of Books, April 19, 2018

Interview of Jill Kelly, “Creativity and Recovery,” Los Angeles Review of Books, May 29, 2015